Welcome – Kimberly C. Wong, LCSW (LCS 18278)

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I am providing telehealth video sessions during this unique time period of the pandemic

I believe creating safety within a non-judgmental environment is crucial to begin the journey of self-exploration, recovery and healing. Each person has their own unique set of beliefs, experiences and needs.  Working together, we identify the goals and direction of therapy. In my work with individuals and couples I use a mulitcultural, feminist, empowerment-focused and collaborative approach. As a guide in my clients’ journeys, I help clients face their challenges and find ways to move through them. I know the path can be difficult at times, and I look forward to working with those ready to explore those next steps.

My empowerment approach stems from my years of working with trauma survivors. Connecting with one’s own personal power within fosters independence and self-esteem. I also have an expertise in the areas of relationship issues, addiction recovery and LGBTQ affirmative therapy.

I bring a deep understanding of the layers of culture and how society and our communities can shape who we are. Having an appreciation of where we come from helps us develop a sense of who we are today. Because our mind and body work together, increasing body awareness enhances both emotional and physical health.

Take a moment to explore my website, and feel free to contact me to discuss your needs for individual or couples counseling.

Kimberly C. Wong, LCSW, DCSW

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